Dishonored 2 Game Guide


Dishonored 2 game guide is a comprehensive collection of tips concerning completing the game in 100%. It has been prepared mainly for people new to the game, but tips for more advanced players are included as well. The guide has been divided into several chapters describing the walkthrough, exploration and combat tips, and locations of collectibles.

The first couple of chapters describe how to start the game – a rather large collection of advice concerning exploration, skills, and general mechanics. Here you can find pieces of information related to your character, combat, skills, and currency. Following chapters are the core of the guide – an illustrated walkthrough for all missions. It contains the description of completing tasks in the game and differences between using stealth and open combat.

Next, you can see a list of all available collectibles, such as audiologs and paintings that you might find in the game. They have been divided into subchapters, so it shouldn’t be a problem to collect everything. PC performance and minimum requirements have been described as well. From the corresponding chapter you will learn about graphic options to be able to achieve the right performance.


  • Enemies and other NPCs are marked in brown, including civilians who can see you.
  • Collectibles such as coins, runes, paintings and audiologs are marked in green.
  • Districts and explorable locations are marked in blue.

Dishonored 2 is a game created by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is a continuation of the well-known game from 2012. Its story takes place 15 years after the events shown in the first game. In the game, you can play as one of the two characters, you need to choose between them in the beginning. You can choose between Corvo Attano, the assassin from the first game, or his student and foster daughter, Emily. Similarly to the first Dishonored, your actions will affect the ending.

Dishonored 2 game guide contains:

  • Description of game mechanics;
  • Description of skills of protagonists;
  • Detailed walkthrough along with useful tips;
  • Description of targets and ways of eliminating them;
  • List of all collectibles;
  • Technical details, along with PC system requirements.,
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