My Summer Car


A simulation game developed by independent Finnish developer who uses nickname Royal John Love. The title enables the player to overhaul old and destroyed cars as a fan of cars from nineties who one beautiful summer decides to fix his old sports car. When the game starts, the player has only a tractor and a van useful when transporting larger parts. The pieces ordered by mail must be installed while focusing on details like selection of proper tools and correct combination of all engine parts. The player can also improve car’s performance and even install a modern audio system. Complete vehicle can be used to travel through the open world of the game that recreates many aspects of the hobby, including unethical ones like drinking beer while driving.


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The player assumes the role of a fan of 90s’ cars, who during one beautiful Finnish summer decided to overhaul his old ride. The game world is open and it doesn’t force the player to do anything. He can decide by himself what and when will he do. The only thing that marks progress in the game is the progress in assembling the car. In addition to working as a mechanic, the player can sit inside his car and drive through a forest. However, one should be careful as an accident can result in death.

When the game is started, the user is welcomed in a remote location where there is only player, forest and the car that requires his attention. The user can also use a tractor and a van that enables him to travel through the game world until the car is ready. It also allows transporting larger pieces required for the repairs. Obtaining new parts for the car isn’t just about going to a shop. Specific parts must be found in a catalog and ordered through mail. Once that is done, player must wait until the parts are delivered.

The realism of the game forces the player for example to use correct key for opening a screw in the engine. He must also make sure that various (and numerous) engine components are connected to each other in the right way. One can improve parameters of his car and even add some subwoofers in order to increase acoustic performance of the vehicle. The customization of the car is actually a full-blown mechanic sim, rather than just fitting different parts to their slots.

The world presented in the game is not always politically correct; it is possible to sit behind the wheels after a beer and open another one while driving, and the game has three separate buttons for cursing.


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