The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition


Surely, Skyrim, Video Games in the history of games is one of the five most widely spoken. The actual output over the long years went by, and still crazy modlanan and hundreds and thousands of hours of effort for a game that is played because it is actually we can say that this is not born out of an empty flour.



Jun elder of me much although I haven’t scrolls is a series that every game that comes out has created in the game world and the incredible effect it created with the revolution I know very well. It is the reason Elder Scrolls already love the game, graphics and animation engine. Scrolls elder rubs the wrong way. However, I put aside my own subjective thoughts to be the objective of the review, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PlayStation 4 offers players an experience how to convey to you that I need.

In the original version of the first game, let’s give a preliminary information about how much time I spent. Approximately 60 hours of Skyrim I must have played around. This of course remains that most people like a flea in a pile of hundreds of hours of gameplay, but still I can say that I know a little about Skyrim. Afterwards, I tried again with a few mods, but as I recall, I have been playing for less than 60 hours.



The new version of the game, something like the remastered version, actually. Only the name is different. The visuals of the game improved and is intended to provide a better visual experience in various modeless. Actually have not been very successful in this regard. The game because of the PlayStation 4, and PC with much graphical improvement, even though I can’t say that I have encountered tried on. It sounds like Skyrim to me again. Graphics modes on the PC to play Skyrim now without a job already, it’s not wise. However, in the console, unfortunately, the options are a bit more limited.


Already Remastered the game for the main lines of review of this sort I don’t need to tell you about. The PlayStation 4 has to offer in just terms of the innovations would not be mentioned? First, as you know, the PlayStation 4 came with the support of the long awaited mod of Skyrim. Unfortunately, however, some difficulties of this support from Sony. First mode is limited to support only 1 GB. So unlimited, it is very unlikely that you install each desired mode. That mode already. This is another annoyance. Most people who pass both the PlayStation 4 and the PC mod, but it’s not too close to the side of the PC also already existing modes also. However, despite this, still very useful up to certain levels of the game and changing modes, and this mod library continues to grow with each passing day.skyrim

From this perspective, Skyrim is a PlayStation 4 on ‘special’ having a thought is normal. I have thought this too. Directly the same game, mod support, was transferred to the console in a limited way. Moreover, in terms of performance are quite inadequate. How much is a refurbished version of Skyrim, which even though is an old game on the PlayStation 4 has 60 fps, 45 FPS in the range of or never I wish it would work, but unfortunately, the game to 30 fps works in a manner that gravel. This keeps the game pretty dull nowadays many.


Bethesda, I wish to concentrate on the bugs in Skyrim but when I looked at the user comments, many errors in the new version that is also available in the same way, and things are fixed the game has been transferred to in the same way until I see that. Of course, a substantial number of bug fixes Bethesda’s level, however, the name ‘Special’ is waiting for a version with a greater attention to the human form. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the special edition of Skyrim in the care.

Outside of the minor Cons I mentioned Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still protect the splendor of the first day. You previously didn’t get a chance to play on the PC and a console player, if you take Skyrim, and definitely an experience you should try. Sony’s next generation consoles, Bethesda the mod because of some missing system and impositions due to the 30 fps problem uyduramayis foot, it may break your enthusiasm a bit, but if you’re diving into the world of Skyrim is a huge open, I’m sure you’d forget about all these problems.


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