Transport Fever Game




Transport Fever is an economic strategy game, in which you manage a transportation enterprise. Your responsibilities include building infrastructure and creating a net of connections, in such a way as to create profitable routes which offer high profits. To achieve this goal you will be using means of land (vehicles and railroads), maritime and aerial transportation. You will be transporting various resources, which you will then turn into products, which in turn are needed to develop cities.

Caring for the citizens themselves is also important, as they have their specific work places and favourite brands and shops, which will force you to develop your transportation network in a way that fulfils their expectations. If you have previously played Transport Tycoon, Transport Giant, Traffic Giant, Cities In Motion or Train Fever, than you will find many similar qualities and dependencies in establishing your company in Transport Fever. Most of the game guide you could find redundant or obvious, but there are several distinctive elements, unique to only this particular game.

When it comes to beginners, there will be a lot of tips here, starting from how to set up a simple bus line, to creating large, connected land, sea and air routes.

The Transport Fever game guide includes :

  • A description of the interface;
  • Several tips, which both beginners and veterans of the genre should always keep in mind;
  • The dependencies in transporting resources and passengers;
  • Tips concerning the creation of connections;
  • Types of transportation, their pros and cons;
  • Tips for every campaign mission and hints on how to acquire all of the medals.

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